Colloquia will be in person and online from 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays. 

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Day LocationTitleSpeakerHostRecordings / Slides
January 17   No Colloquium   
January 24 W330/Zoom  A new generation of millimeter and submillimeter observationsfor cosmology and astrophysics  Eve Vavagiakis, Cornell University  Eric Gawiser Recording
January 31  W330/Zoom Exploring the Quantum Universe: a vision for Particle Physics in the next two decades Yuri Gershtein, Rutgers University  



February 7  W330/Zoom Dark Black Holes Sarah Shandera, Penn State  Eric Gawiser  Recording
February 14 W330/Zoom  Visualizing the Bomb: New Frontiers for Communication about the Effects of Nuclear Weapons Alex Wellerstein, Stevens Institute of Technology Jolie Cizewski  Recording
February 21 W330/Zoom Understanding Deep-Learning as a physicist: What would Einstein do? Yuhai Tu, IBM Anirvan Sengupta  Recording
February 28 W330/Zoom  Using Neutrons to Measure Fundamental Neutrino Properties at MINERvA  Andrew Olivier, University of Notre Dame Ron Ransome  Recording
March 6 W330/Zoom Capturing Lightning: Investigation of the high speed dynamics of novel dielectric tree formation Timothy Koeth, University of Maryland Steve Schnetzer  
 March 13 Spring Break -  No Colloquium   
March 20 Zoom Only Transforming Particle Theory with Modern Machine Learning Tilman Plehn, Heidelberg University David Shih  Recording
March 23 (Saturday) Physics Lecture Hall Irons Lecture: Looking Backwards with the Cosmic Microwave Background Suzanne Staggs, Princeton University Eric Gawiser  
 March 27 W330/Zoom Senior Honors Theses   Stephen Schnetzer  
 April 3 W330/Zoom Climate Modeling  Alan Robock, Rutgers University Amitabh Lath  Recording
 April 10 W330/Zoom A Subatomic Frontier of Brain Research Matthew Fisher, UC Santa Barbara Piers Coleman  Recording
 April 17 W330/Zoom Free ranging discussion on research at Rutgers  Michael Zwick, Rutgers VP for Research Jack Hughes  Recording
 April 24 W330/Zoom Exploring Quantum Spin Liquids: From Theory to Experiment Natalia Perkins, University of Minnesota  Sang-Wook Cheong   Recording
 May 1 Zoom Logical quantum processor based on reconfigurable atom arrays Dolev Bluvstein, Harvard University Srivatsan Chakram  Recording

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