Spring 2020

Colloquia are held in Serin Physics room 330
at 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays.

Tea, coffee, and cookies served at 3:20 pm.

All welcome!



 Jan. 29

Scaling down the laws of thermodynamics

 Chris Jarzynski

 University of Maryland

 Alex Morozov

 Feb. 5

Quantum electrodynamics with a unity fine-structure constant and its applications to simulating the many-body physics of quantum impurity problems

 Vladimir Manucharyan

 University of Maryland

 Misha Gershenson
 Feb. 12

New electronic and topological phases on geometrically engineered lattices

 Jak Chakhalian

 Rutgers University

 Frank Zimmermann
 Feb. 19

Ways to be more active: The what, why, and how of implementing a few active learning strategies in physics courses

 Alexis Knaub

 Michigan State University

 Geraldine Cochran
 Feb. 26 The quest for a quantum spin liquid

 Collin Broholm

 Johns Hopkins University

 Sang Cheong

 March 4


Modeling instruction, student engagement, and neurobiological impacts

 Eric Brewe

 Drexel University

 Geraldine Cochran
 March 11 Superconductivity: Where we are and where we are going

 Robert Cava

 Princeton University

 Jak Chakhalian
 March 18  Spring Recess (no colloquium)    
 March 25 Tests of General Relativity with Black Hole Shadows

 Dimitrios Psaltis

 University of Arizona

 Blakesley Burkhart
 April 1  TBA

 Risa Wechsler

 Stanford University

 Tad Pryor
 April 8  TBA

 Laura Rios

 California Polytechnic State University

 Geraldine Cochran
 April 15  TBA

 Pedro Machado


 John Paul Chou
 April 22  TBA

 Tony Mezzacappa

 University of Tennessee

 Jolie Cizewski
 April 29  TBA

 J. Xavier Prochaska

 University of California Santa Cruz


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