Fall 2021

Until further notice, colloquia will be held online from 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays.  For zoom information refer to the talk abstract.

All welcome!


Sep 15

Twisting quantum matter beyond the graphene paradigm

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Jed H. Pixley

Rutgers University

 Tom Banks
Sep 22

Exploring the Unknown at the Energy Frontier

Eva Halkiadakis

Rutgers University

 Tom Banks
Sep 29

The Gaia mission and science highlights from the Gaia data releases

Anthony Brown

Leiden Observatory

 Andrew Baker
Oct 6

A Halo Census with Galaxies and Light

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Annika Peter

Ohio State University

 Matthew Buckley
Oct 13

Symmetry in quantum gravity

Daniel Harlow


 Tom Banks
Oct 20

Implicit Bias:

Racial Gaps and Scientific Gaps


Lee Jussim

Rutgers - Psychology

 John Paul Chou
Oct 27

Quantum dynamics with an observer: the measurement phase transition

Adam Nahum

ENS Paris

 Jed Pixley
Nov 3


Phillip Kim

Harvard University

 Sang Cheong
Nov 10


Lee Roberts

Boston University

 Andy Mastbaum
Nov 17


Lindley Winslow


 Andy Mastbaum
Nov 24 Thanksgiving (no colloquium)    
Dec 1


Geoff Penington

UC - Berkeley

 Tom Banks
Dec 8



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