Until further notice, colloquia will be held online from 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays.  For zoom information refer to the talk abstract.


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Jan 27

SPARC and the High Magnetic Field Path to Fusion Energy

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Martin Greenwald (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center) Piers Coleman

Feb 3

 Short Range Correlations in Nucleii   (It takes two to dance).

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Eliezer Piasetzky (Tel Aviv University)

 Larry Zamick

Feb 10

 Progress and Prospects for the Second Quantum Revolution

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Steve Girvin (Yale U. )  SriVatsan Chakram  Sundar

Feb 17

Chiral spintronics: non collinear spin textures with application to Racetrack Memory

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Stuart Parkin (Max Planck, Halle)

 Sang Cheong

Feb 24

Hubbard model physics in moire materials

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Kin Fai Mak (Cornell U.)  Eva Andrei

Mar 3

Is new physics lurking inside living matter?

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Paul Davies (Arizona State U, Tempe)

 Piers Coleman

Mar 10

The Emerging Field of Fast Radio Bursts

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J. Xavier Prochaska (U.C. Santa Cruz)   Eric Gawiser

March 17

Spring Recess (no colloquium)    

Mar 24

Rare isotopes unveil a new era in nuclear science

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Rituparna Kanungo (St Mary's U.)

 Jolie Cizewski

Mar 31

Exploring the stellar graveyard with gravitational waves.

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Laura Cadonati (Georgia Tech)  Andrew Mastbaum

Apr 7

Non-equilibrium matter through the prism of quantum entanglement.

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Dmitry Abanin (U. Geneva)  Natan Andrei

Apr 14

A galactic-scale gravitational-wave detector for the biggest black holes in the universe

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Sarah Burke-Spolaor (W. Virginia)  Chuck Keeton

Apr 21

Supporting Variation in Students’ Needs, Abilities and Interests in Postsecondary STEM Courses

*also PAER seminar

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Jackie Chini (U. Central Florida)  Geraldine Cochran

Apr 28

Dark matter constraints from small scale structure

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Risa Wechsler (Stanford U. )    Chuck Keeton

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