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DayTitleSpeakerHostRecordings / Slides
January 26

Improving Racial Equity in Physics: The AIP TEAM-UP Report

Ed Bertschinger (MIT) Eric Gawiser Recording
February 23 Quantum chaos and quantum gravity Steve Shenker (Stanford) Tom Banks Recording
March 2

Helical tunneling of Dirac Fermions

Vidya Madhavan (UIUC) Eva Andrei Recording
March 9

NASA's New Space Telescope Powerhouse - JWST

Kristen McQuinn (Rutgers) Saurabh Jha  
March 16 Spring Break  
March 23  

The Increasing Peril from Nuclear Arms: and how physicists can help reduce the threat

Stewart Prager (Princeton)

Chad Ummel 

March 30

Planckian dissipation

Sean Hartnoll (Stanford) Tom Banks  
April 6

Shedding nano-light on quantum materials

Dmitri Basov (Columbia) Sang-Wook Cheong  
April 13

Circuit QED: From Materials to Mathematic

Andrew Houck (Princeton) Vatsan Chakram  
April 20 Higher Order Topology in Quantum and Classical Materials Taylor Hughes (UIUC) Jed Pixley  
April 27

What are majorana zero modes and why should you care?

Sankar Das Sarma

(University of Maryland)

Jed Pixley  

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