Colloquia will be in person and online from 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays. 

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Day LocationTitleSpeakerHostRecordings / Slides
September 7 330W    Zoom  "The search for new physics at the energy and lifetime frontiers”  John Paul Chou (Rutgers)  Yuri Gershtein  
September 14 330W Zoom "Light, Camera, Action! Shining light on biomolecular dynamics and interactions with optical microscopy"  Sang-Hyuk Lee (Rutgers)  Anirvan Sengupta  
September 21 330W Zoom "Studying Hot QCD with Jets"  Sevil Salur (Rutgers)  Ron Ransome  Recording
September 28 330W Zoom  "White Dwarf Supernovae: Astrophysics and Cosmology"  Saurabh Jha (Rutgers)  Andrew Baker  Recording
October 5    No Colloquium      
October 12 330W Zoom  "Probing Dark Energy and Dark Matter with Distant Galaxies"  Eric Gawiser (Rutgers)  Andrew Baker  Recording
October 19 Zoom Only "The argument against quantum computers"  Gil Kalai

(Hebrew University/Reichman University)

 Daniel Friedan  Recording
October 26 330W Zoom "Postcards from Roads Taken"  Eliezer Rabinovici         (CERN Council President)  Tom Banks  Recording
November 2 330W Zoom "Highly tunable ferroelectricity and ionic states in layered perovskites"  Xianghan Xu (Princeton)  Kristjan Haule  Recording
November 9 330W Zoom "Beyond the Night Sky: Astronomy Education Research in Cultural Cosmology and Space Exploration" Janelle M. Bailey          (Temple University) Geraldine Cochran  Recording
November 16 330W Zoom "Simulation of some Open Quantum Systems on Near-term Quantum Computers"  Barbara Jones (IBM)  Piers Coleman  
November 23    No Colloquium      
November 30 330W Zoom

Padrick Beggs - "Searching for Long-Lived Decay Products of the Higgs Boson at CMS"

George Kharchilava - "SALT-RSS Multi-Object Spectroscopy to Reveal Physical Properties of [OII]-Emitting Galaxies at z < 0.4"

Adam Prokofiew - "Studies of the Fermi-Hubbard Model Using Quantum Computing"

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Padrick Beggs, George Kharchilava, and Adam Prokofiew

 Andrew Baker  
December 7 330W Zoom "Will It Work? Progress and Prospects in Magnetic Fusion Energy" Robert Kaita              (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Jolie Cizewski  Recording
December 14 330W Zoom "Nuclear Reactor Monitoring with Antineutrinos" Tomi Akindele (LLNL) Andrew Mastbaum  

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