Colloquia will be in person and online from 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays. 

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Day LocationTitleSpeakerHostRecordings / Slides
1/18/2023 W330/Zoom "Paving the Way for Future Space Telescopes with Theory and Simulations" L. Y. Aaron Yung            NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Andrew Baker  Recording
1/25/2023 W330/Zoom

Doug & Inyoung Boyd Colloquium

"The Growing Danger of Nuclear Weapons (and how physicists can help reduce it)"

Laura Grego UCS/MIT Andrew Baker  
2/1/2023 W330/Zoom "STEM Gender gap in Japan" Mihoko Nojiri                        KEK Theory Center David Shih  Recording
2/8/2023 W330/Zoom "A discussion of the Hubble tension"

Jo Dunkley                    Princeton University 

Wendy Freedman        University of Chicago

Jack Hughes  
2/15/2023 W330/Zoom "Dark Energy Science in the Era of Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time" Humna Awan              University of Michigan Eric Gawiser  
3/1/2023 W330/Zoom "The Physics of Politics" Andrew Zwicker, PPPL Bob Bartynski  Recording
3/8/2023 W330/Zoom

"How to do particle physics in a climate emergency?"

Ken Bloom                   University of Nebraska-Lincoln Yuri Gershtein  Recording
3/22/2023 W330/Zoom "Challenges Facing Academics of Chinese Descent and Those Who Collaborate with Scientists in China" Xiaoxing Xi                        Temple University Len Feldman  Recording
4/1/2023 Physics Lecture Hall Irons Lecture                      "The Cosmic Circle of Life" Tony Mezzacappa                  The University of Tennessee Knoxville Jolie Cizewski  
4/5/2023 W330/Zoom

"In Search of the Core Collapse Supernova Explosion Mechanism"

Tony Mezzacappa                The University of Tennessee Knoxville Jolie Cizewski  Recording
4/26/23 W330/Zoom "Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics with Superconducting Qubits"

Bharath Kannan

Atlantic Quantum and MIT

Steve Schnetzer  Recording

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