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NP Seminar - Gwen Seymour, Measurement of the 7Li(alpha,gamma)11B reaction cross section at Notre Dame

Date and Time: Monday, February 10, 2020, 01:00pm - 02:30pm
Location: 112W

NP Seminar

Gwen Seymour



"Measurement of the 7Li(alpha,gamma)11B reaction cross section at Notre Dame"


 At the end of its life, a massive star collapses into a neutron star leading to a supernovae explosion. The neutrino flux released during the collapse is significant enough that neutrino interaction with nuclei impacts the nucleosynthesis. Part of the universal abundance of 11B is believed to come from the neutrino-process: neutrino triggered reaction lead to the production of 11B via the reaction 7Li(alpha,gamma)11B. Its cross section, at energies relevant to the neutrino-process, has been measured only once before and we have some evidence of it being overestimated. The 7Li(alpha,gamma)11B reaction was recently studied at Notre Dame. The preliminary cross section and reaction rate will be presented.

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