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CM WEB Seminar - Discovering the quantum limits to information processing

Date and Time: Friday, March 27, 2020, 01:30pm - 02:30pm
Location: WEB




Discovering the quantum limits to information processing.

Davide Girolami

Polytechnic University, Turin.

Quantum information science explores how to perform computations by manipulating atoms and photons. The task is hard. Coherence and entanglement, the peculiar traits of quantum particles, manifest themselves in elusive ways. Also, they are difficult to engineer and control in today’s highly noisy quantum laboratories. I discuss my contribution to this topic by answering two important theoretical questions, while also outlining plans for future research. First, I will present the exact calculation of the shortest algorithm for creating an arbitrary quantum state. This finding suggests a design principle for programming quantum devices more efficiently, accelerating their transition from textbooks to reality. Second, I will show how to quantify the information exchanged between interacting quantum systems when we do not know the global Hamiltonian. The result paves the way for investigating how quantum information propagates in many-body systems without full access to their inner workings.