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Dark Matter Particle Physics from Astrophysics

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 09, 2020, 03:30pm -

Speaker: Matt Buckley (Department of Physics & Astronomy, Rutgers University)

Abstract: Dark matter is unambigious evidence of new physics, with a robust particle physics program to discover its particle nature. Though direct detection, indirect detection, and collider searches remain a critical component in the search for dark matter, continued negative results have forced us to broaden our horizons. I will describe how the gravitational imprint of dark matter on astrophysical systems can reveal information about the particle physics of dark matter -- information that cannot be probed via existing experiments. To realize the possibilities presented by the large astrophysical surveys which are and will soon be available requires interdisciplinary efforts between theorists, simulators, and observational astronomers. I will describe a common framework to facilitate these efforts, and demonstrate some applications to dark matter particle physics using data from the Gaia satellite and machine learning.

Host: Piers Coleman

Extra Info: Meeting ID: 977 4752 4523
Password: 817908