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Searching for Axion Dark Matter with the ADMX Haloscope

Date and Time: Friday, September 25, 2020, 04:30pm -

Speaker: Chelsea Bartram (University of Washington)

An extraordinary fraction of the universe, 85%, can be attributed to an unknown substance called dark matter. The QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics) axion is one contender for dark matter that also happens to solve the strong CP problem. The axion can be described in part in terms of how it couples indirectly to photons. The DFSZ (Dine-Fischler-Srednicki-Zhitnisky) axion encompasses a range of couplings which are considered to be the most plausible, should the axion exist. The Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) searches for dark matter by looking for axion-to-photon conversion in a magnetic ?eld. Relying on resonant enhancement from a cavity, recent incarnations of ADMX have achieved DFSZ (Dine-Fischler-Srednicki-Zhitnicky) sensitivity. This scienti?c feat required exceptionally low noise ampli?ers as well as the implementation of a new dilution refrigerator. ADMX is currently acquiring data between 790-1020 MHz. Termed ‘Run 1C’, this will be the third ADMX run at DFSZ sensitivity. Since its ?rst DFSZ run, ADMX has seen improvements to its data-taking operations and analysis. Building o? of prior runs, we present these exciting advancements made in the current frequency range, and explain plans to further explore the wide-open axion parameter space.


Host: Andrew Mastbaum

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