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Synchrotron based insights into correlated electron compounds, aerospace components and prototype batteries

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 07, 2020, 03:30pm -

Speaker: Mark Croft (Department of Physics & Astronomy, Rutgers University)

Abstract: Higher intensities and smaller probing volumes have continually enabled synchrotron radiation to characterize a host of physical phenomena which were heretofore inaccessible. The 1st part of the talk will focus on the characterization of new and increasingly complex transition metal compounds synthesized for novel magnetic and metal-insulator transition properties.  The 2nd portion talk will focus on the development facilities (at NSLS-I & II) and techniques to use very high energy x-rays to understand two disparate applied problems on small length scales deep inside engineering systems of great societal relevance. 1) Prolonging component service life and avoiding catastrophic failure (e.g. in aeronautic applications) require an understanding of the crucial strain fields near the tip of a fatigue crack, and their evolution with cyclic loading. Precisely such x-ray measurements, at an unprecedented level of detail and with in-situ loading, will be discussed. 2) Progress in advanced battery technologies requires in-depth fundamental understanding of their complex electrochemical processes, in full-size cells under operating conditions. Such a breakthrough experimental capability will be illustrated with detailed operando experiments on a GE locomotive battery.

Host: Sang-Wook Cheong

Extra Info: Meeting ID: 977 4752 4523
Password: 817908