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Interaction and Topological Effects in Atomically Thin One- and Two-dimensional Materials

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 01:30pm -
Location: Zoom

Speaker: Steve Louie (University of California at Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

Many fascinating phenomena in nature owe their emergence from the interactions of large number of particles. In particular, symmetry, interaction and topological effects dominate many of the quantum properties of reduced-dimensional systems. These effects often lead to manifestation of counter-intuitive concepts and phenomena that may not be so prominent or have not been seen in the bulk. In this talk, I present some fascinating quantum phenomena discovered in recent studies of atomically thin one- and two-dimensional materials. A number of interesting and unexpected behaviors have been found – e.g., strongly bound excitons (electron-hole pairs) with unusual energy level structures; tunable magnetism and plasmonic properties; novel topological phases; correlated 3- and 4-particle excitations; etc. – adding to the promise of these materials for exploration of new science and valuable applications.

Host:  David Vanderbilt

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