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Seeing the invisible: the search for low-mass axion dark matter

Date and Time: Friday, April 09, 2021, 04:00pm -
Location: Zoom

Speaker:  Chiara Salemi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abstract: The presence of dark matter provides some of the most persuasive evidence for the existence of physics beyond the Standard Model.  One compelling dark matter candidate is the axion, a light boson that was originally postulated as a solution to another outstanding issue, the strong CP problem in QCD.  ABRACADABRA-10cm is a demonstrator experiment that searches for low-mass axions by their effect on Maxwell’s equations.  Using a novel geometry, a strong magnetic field, and quantum electronics, we were able to set world-leading limits with the prototype detector.  This talk presents the experiment’s recent results and plans for scaling up.


Host: Andrew Mastbaum




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