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Under the radar: searching for stealthy new particles with jets

Date and Time: Friday, October 29, 2021, 03:30pm -
Location: Zoom

Speaker: Nadja Strobbe, University of Minnesota

Abstract: Many searches for supersymmetry (SUSY) have been performed with the LHC data, and so far, none have found any signs of physics beyond the standard model. A common strategy employed by these searches is the requirement that there be a substantial amount of missing transverse momentum (MET) originating from undetected SUSY particles. But what if SUSY takes a form that instead produces low-MET final states? These types of models would evade detection in standard searches. In this seminar I will discuss the results and future prospects of a recent CMS search for top squarks in final states featuring top quarks and large jet multiplicity (instead of high MET), which can occur from a variety of SUSY models, including stealth SUSY and R-parity violating SUSY. This search relies on machine learning, in particular a technique called gradient reversal, for distinguishing signal from background and for enabling a data-driven background estimation technique. Top squark masses up to 900 GeV (depending on the details of the model) can be excluded at 95% confidence level.

Host: Andrew Mastbaum




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