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Quantum Criticality Beyond the Standard Model and Ultra Unification

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 02:30pm -

Speaker: Juven Wang (Harvard)

Abstract: We propose a theory [arXiv:2012.15860] beyond the Standard Model (SM) and Grand Unification (GUT) with 15n Weyl fermions by adding new gapped Topological Phase Sectors based on nonperturbative global anomaly cancellations and cobordism constraints (especially from the baryon minus lepton number B ? L , the electroweak hypercharge Y, and the Z_{16} class mixed gauge-gravitational anomaly). Gapped topological phase sectors are constructed via symmetry extension (in contrast with the Anderson-Higgs symmetry breaking), whose low energy contains unitary Lorentz invariant topological quantum field theories (TQFTs): either (3+1)d noninvertible TQFT, or (4+1)d invertible or noninvertible TQFT (short-range or long-range entangled gapped phase). Alternatively, there could also be right-handed neutrinos, or gapless unparticle conformal field theories, or their combinations to altogether cancel the mixed gauge-gravitational anomaly. We also introduce an alternative view [arXiv:2106.16248] that the SM is a low-energy quantum vacuum arising from various neighbor GUT vacua competition in an immense quantum phase diagram. In particular, we demonstrate how the su(3)×su(2)×u(1) SM with 16n Weyl fermions arose near the quantum criticality between the competition of Georgi-Glashow su(5) model and Pati-Salam su(4)×su(2)×su(2) model. Moreover, to manifest a Beyond-the-Standard-Model (BSM) and Beyond-Landau-Ginzburg deconfined quantum criticality between Georgi-Glashow and Pati-Salam models, we introduce a parent effective field theory of a modified so(10) GUT (with a Spin(10) gauge group) plus a new 4d discrete torsion class of Wess-Zumino-Witten-like term that saturates a Z_2 class global mixed gauge-gravity anomaly captured by a 5d invertible topological field theory w2w3(TM)=w2w3(VSO(10)). We show new fractionalized excitations of Color-Flavor separation, and gauge enhancement including a Dark Gauge force sector, or gauge-enhanced 4d criticality as a boundary criticality such that only appropriately gauge enhanced dynamical GUT gauge fields can propagate into an extra-dimensional 5d bulk.

The talk is mainly based on arXiv:2106.16248 and arXiv:2012.15860, and some upcoming works.

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