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Reinventing fixed target accelerators to probe for sub-GeV dark matter

Date and Time: Friday, April 08, 2022, 03:30pm -
Location: Hybrid

Speaker: Cristina Mantilla, Fermilab

Abstract:  The search for dark matter is ever-evolving and a number of experiments are underway to search for the constituents of dark matter across a vast range of masses. 

A largely unexplored regime is that where light dark matter particles, with masses between the GeV-TeV scale i.e. between the electron and proton masses, may interact feebly with ordinary matter. I will discuss how small accelerator experiments, that scatter energetic particles on a fixed target, are being re-invented to produce dark matter in electron-target or proton-target collisions. And I will focus on two different efforts: the Light Dark Matter eXperiment at SLAC and the DarkQuest experiment at Fermilab.I will describe the experimental setup, the search challenges and how they can be addressed, and, finally, the projected sensitivity for discovering and possibly characterizing a dark matter signal in the near future. 


Host: Andrew Mastbaum




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