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LANSCE Intense Pulsed Proton Source Search for Dark Sector Particles with the Coherent CAPTAIN-Mills Experiment

Date and Time: Friday, April 29, 2022, 03:30pm -
Location: Room W330

Speaker: Richard Van de Water, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Abstract: The Coherent CAPTAIN-Mills (CCM) is a new experiment to search for dark sector physics at the sub-GeV mass scale. New vector portal dark sector models predict beam dump experiments like CCM are sensitive to sub-GeV dark matter production with sensitivities that probe early Universe relic density limits.  As well, CCM can probe for Axion Like Particles (ALP's) parameter space un-tested by previous experimentsand cosmological constraints, and dark sector coupling to meson decay motivated by the MiniBooNE excess.  CCM will operate at the Lujan Center at LANSCE which is a 100-kW neutron and stopped pion source that delivers an 800-MeV proton beam onto a tungsten target at 20 Hz with a pulse width of 290 ns. The CCM detector will be placed 23 m from the target and is a 10-ton liquid argon scintillation detector instrumented with 200 fast 8" PMT's that can detect scattering events from as low as 10 keV thresholds up to 200 MeV.  The fast pulsing of the beam and nano-second time response of the detector is crucial for isolating relativistic dark sector events in time with the beam from the prolific, but slower neutron backgrounds.


Host: Andrew Mastbaum




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