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Lattice discretization of the conformal symmetry and applications to geometrical problems

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 01:30pm -
Location: 330W and Zoom (

Speaker: Linnéa Gräns Samuelsson (CEA Saclay)


Conformal field theories (CFTs) are ubiquitous in theoretical physics as fixed points of renormalization, descriptions of critical systems and more. In these theories the conformal symmetry is a powerful tool in the computation of correlation functions, especially in 2 dimensions where the conformal algebra is infinite. Discretization of field theories is another powerful tool, where the theory on the lattice is both mathematically well-defined and easy to put on a computer. In this talk I will outline how these are combined using a discrete version of the 2d conformal algebra that acts in lattice models. I will also discuss recent work on convergence of this discretization, as well as on applications to non-unitary CFTs that appear in descriptions of geometrical problems such as polymers and percolation.


Host: Ananda Roy

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