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Nuclear Reactor Monitoring with Antineutrinos

Date and Time: Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 03:30pm - 04:30pm
Location: Room 330W and via Zoom

Speaker:  Tomi Akindele, LLNL


Abstract: Nuclear reactors are an emissions free, reliable method of producing large amounts of baseline electricity. This same technology is also the source of essentially all military and civil plutonium stockpiles worldwide, constituting a proliferation threat. Antineutrino monitoring for safeguards applications has been proposed by neutrino physicists as a nondestructive and unobtrusive capability to assess the status of nuclear reactors. Over the last two decades countless case-studies and demonstrations have been performed and fielded to showcase the applicability of these so-called “ghost particles” for societal benefit. However, antineutrino monitoring has not been implemented in a reactor safeguards scenario or adopted by a verification body. To better understand the utility of this technology the NuTools study explored the practical utility of antineutrinos to guide future studies and investments in detector development and capabilities. The results of the study showed possible opportunities in advanced reactors safeguards and future treaties; however, the technology would need to focus on lower-cost and easily fieldable detectors to be competitive with current verification approaches. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is heavily involved in research and development for the advancement of applied antineutrino technology for reactor monitoring at standoffs as close to the reactor for higher statistics and information assessment, to large standoffs to prioritize non-intrusiveness and non-interference with reactor operations. This presentation will discuss the detector development and technologies under investigation to generate more fieldable antineutrino detectors.

This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Contract No. DE-AC52-07NA27344. LLNL-ABS-842263


Host:  Andrew Mastbaum