AST Astrophysics Seminar
CCB Chemistry & Chemical Biology
CMS Condensed Matter Seminar
COL Colloquium 
CQB Center for Quantitative Biology
DELTA-P Developing Educators and Leaders Among TAs in Physics
EIJC Equity and Inclusion Journal Club
GAP Geometry & Physics Seminar  
HET High Energy Theory Seminar 
HEX High Energy Experimental Seminar
HON Honors Seminar  
IQB Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
LSM Lab for Surface Modification
ML Machine Learning Group Meeting
MPS Mathematical Physics Seminar


In-Person Seminars

MSE Materials Science & Engineering
NPS Nuclear Physics Seminar
PAER Physics and Astronomy Education Research  
PCS Physical Chemistry Seminar
SIP Seminar in Physics
SPS Society of Physics Students Talk Series
SSPAR Student Seminars in Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers



   For meeting organizers, here are some tips for Hybrid meetings and 330W podium usage.