Rutgers Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule

Spring 2022

Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm via Zoom (unless noted) for the Spring 2022 semester

Seminar Zoom Link:


DayTitleSpeakerHostRecordings / Slides
Jan 18 - Zoom Towards numerically exact theory for strongly correlated systems Aaram J. Kim (University of Fribourg) Kristjan Haule Recording
Jan 25 - Zoom Derivation of model Hamiltonians using quantum Monte Carlo Yueqing Chang (UIUC) Kristjan Haule Recording
Jan 27 - SPECIAL SEMINAR - Zoom Many-body localization enables iterative quantum optimization Hsiu-Chung Yeh (University of Minnesota) Natan Andrei Recording
Feb 1 NO SEMINAR    
Feb 8 - Zoom Chiral topologically ordered insulating phases in arrays of interacting integer quantum Hall islands Hiromi Ebisu (Weizmann Institute) Ananda Roy Recording
Feb 15 - Zoom Superconductivity in ultra-quantum matter : optimizing Tc André-Marie Tremblay (Université de Sherbrooke) Kristjan Haule Recording
Feb 22 - Zoom and 330W More is different: multi-method studies of many-electron systems Shiwei Zhang (CCQ) Jed Pixley Recording
Mar 1 - Zoom and 330W Impurity states and disorder in crystalline symmetry protected topology Raquel Queiroz (Columbia University) Jed Pixley Recording
Mar 8 - Zoom and 330W Disorder-dominated quantum criticality in moiré bilayers Vladimir Dobrosavljevic (Florida State University) Kristjan Haule Recording
Mar 11 - SPECIAL SEMINAR - Zoom and 330W Magnetoelectric nanoscale correlations in multiferroics Manfred Fiebig (ETH Zurich) Sang-Wook Cheong None
Mar 15 NO SEMINAR:  Spring Break  
Mar 22 - Zoom Optical Vortices and Structured Matter David L. Andrews (University of East Anglia) Sang-Wook Cheong None
Mar 29 - Zoom Dynamics of Constrained Quantum Many-Body Systems Thomas Iadecola (Iowa State University) Jed Pixley Recording
Apr 5 - Zoom and 330W Site-specific spectroscopic measurement of spin and charge in (LuFeO3)m/(LuFe2O4)1 multiferroic superlattices Janice Musfeldt (University of Tennessee) Kristjan Haule None
Apr 12 - Zoom and 330W X-ray lasers – a tool for discovery from extreme thermodynamics to biology Claudiu A. Stan (Rutgers Newark) Valery Kiryukhin Recording
Apr 19 - Zoom Calculating Nature Naturally: Capturing Entanglement in the Quantum Vacuum Natalie Klco (Caltech) Ananda Roy None
Apr 26 - Zoom Entanglement Hamiltonians for the massless Dirac field Erik Tonni (SISSA Trieste) Ananda Roy Recording
May 3 NO SEMINAR    
May 10 - Zoom and 330W Emergent Phenomena and Broken Symmetries: One-dimensional Approach Sang-Wook Cheong (Rutgers University) Kristjan Haule Recording
May 31 - Zoom and 330W Lattice discretization of the conformal symmetry and applications to geometrical problems Linnéa Gräns Samuelsson (CEA Saclay) Ananda Roy Recording

Please contact our administrative assistant Christina Pettola (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with questions regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Seminar Organizer: Sang-Wook Cheong. Questions about the CM seminar schedule should be addressed to Prof. Sang-Wook Cheong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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