HEX Spring 2022



Until further notice, HEX seminars will be held online at 3:30 pm on Fridays.  Zoom information to follow shortly. 

All welcome!




"Recent Results from MicroBooNE Addressing the MiniBooNE Anomaly"



 Andrew Mastbaum

"Reinventing fixed target accelerators to probe for sub-GeV dark matter"

 Cristina Mantilla


 Andrew Mastbaum


(In-Person Seminar W330)

"Search for anomalous Higgs boson production using tau lepton final state"

Yurii Maravin

Kansas State University

Andrew Mastbaum

"LANSCE Intense Pulsed Proton Source Search for Dark Sector Particles with the Coherent CAPTAIN-Mills Experiment"

 Richard van de Water

 Los Alamos National Laboratory

 Andrew Mastbaum

Please contact our administrative assistant Lisa Rivera (lrivera at or Andrew Mastbaum (mastbaum at with questions regarding speakers schedule and zoom settings. 







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