At the Board of Governors meeting on December 3, 2013, Professors Eva Andrei and Karin Rabe were named Rutgers Board of Governors Professors of Physics. Board of Governors Professorships are awarded to individuals whose accomplishments are recognized nationally or internationally as being consistently and unusually outstanding at a level exceeding even the extremely high standards expected of faculty members who have earned Professor II designations at the University. These professorships recognize faculty members whose accomplishments are particularly outstanding and have earned the individual faculty member national or international distinction within the discipline.

Prof. Andrei is cited "her ground-breaking and highly creative contributions to the fields of low dimensional electronic systems and mesoscopic physics"

Prof. Rabe is cited for "her pioneering work in the development of computational methods for studying structural phase transitions in solids, and in the application of these methods for obtaining a deep understanding of the physics of ferroelectric materials"

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