Apr 3, 2023

Congratulations to Prof. Charles (Chaz) Ruggieri on his recently announced Chancellor-Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching Innovations for 2022-2023.

From the original call for nominations: "This award honors a faculty member (Assistant or Associate Professor, tenure-track or non-tenure-track) whose teaching practices involve innovative approaches to enhance learning outcomes, new forms of pedagogy, experiential practices, instructional technologies, or innovative multimedia."

Chaz is being recognized for his revamping of Analytical Physics, 01:750:123,124, the first-year introductory sequence for engineers, which typically enrolls some 600 students per semester. Over the past few years, Chaz has been introducing innovations, developing new resources, converting recitations into collaborative learning activities, and so on, all guided by a carefully paid out plan to restructure the course to maximize student engagement and comprehension. The student response to these changes has been overwhelmingly positive; many specifically praised the structure and said it was one of their best course experiences in terms of the quality and quantity of resources.

Congratulations, Chaz, for the dedication, innovation and excellence you show in your teaching in the department of Physics and Astronomy!