Dec 20, 2023

The Rutgers chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) has won an Outstanding Chapter Award from the SPS National Office. This is the 5th time in the last decade that the chapter has been recognized for its excellence as a top-tier student-led physical sciences organization, a designation given to fewer than 10 percent of all SPS chapters at colleges and universities in the United States and internationally.

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional association designed for students and membership is open to anyone interested in physics and related fields. SPS operates within the American Institute of Physics (AIP), an umbrella organization for professional physical science societies.


Congratulations to the Chapter, and particularly the Officers, on the fine work they did to earn this recognition:

Dorothy Doughty, President
Nidhish Sharma, Vice President
Shehzad Sultan, Secretary
Wai Chen, Treasurer
Govind Ramgopal, Event & Outreach Coordinator
Shaena Harasty, Public Relations
Darshan Lakshminarayanan, National Coordinator


And a hearty "Thank you!" to faculty advisors Jed Pixley and Andy Mastbaum.