Faculty Profile

Sang-Wook Cheong
Distinguished Professor
Henry Rutgers Professor; Board of Governors Professor; Director, Center for Quantum Materials Synthesis
Member of the Graduate Faculty
Group: Condensed matter experiment
Phone: 848-445-9023, 848-445-9012 lab, 848-445-8869 lab
Office: W123, E154 lab, W229 lab
Email: sangc@physics.rutgers.edu
Homepage: http://rcem.rutgers.edu

Research Overview:

Our Center is focused on the synthesis and study of a large variety of compounds, including oxides and intermetallics, with interesting structural instabilities, and unconventional electronic and magnetic ground states. We are particularly interested in multiferroic materials, which exhibit two or more ferroic orders simutaneously, e.g. ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity, and ferroelasticity. The magnetic and ferroelectric properties are investigated by various imaging techniques, such as atomic force microscopy, piezoresponse force microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, as well as neutron scattering and x-ray diffraction. A broad range of samples are grown by solid state reaction, chemical vapor transport, chemical solution method, high-temperature flux, optical floating zone, high-pressure synthesis andPLD, from polycrystal to single crystal and thin film.

News Item(s):
  • Sang-Wook Cheong and Saurabh Jha are included among 2018 Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) list of highly-cited researchers
  • Sang-Wook Cheong and Saurabh Jha have been listed by Thomson Reuters as among the Highly Cited Researchers of 2016
  • Sang-Wook Cheong was elected as a new fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST), officially starting from Jan. 1, 2015
  • Sang-Wook Cheong and Seongshik (Sean) Oh have received five year, \(1.7M and \)1.5M, respectively, awards
  • Sang-Wook Cheong has been listed by Thomson-Reuters as one of The Most Influential Scientific Minds: 2014
  • Professor Sang-Wook Cheong has been recognized by the 2014 journal editors of the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters as outstanding referee
  • Professor Sang-Wook Cheong was named Board of Governors Professor
  • Professor Sang-Wook Cheong is coauthor of an article appearing in the October 2010 issue of Physics Today
  • Professor Philip Batson, with co-PI's Sang Cheong, Fred Cosandey, Jing Li and Ondrei Krivanek have been recognized as one of 100 projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Professor Sang-Wook Cheong is being honored by the American Physical Society with the 2010 James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials
  • Sang-Wook Cheong, Professor II of Physics and Donald H. Jacobs Chair in Applied Physics, has received the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Overseas Compatriots Award
  • The Ho-Am Foundation has selected Professor Sang-Wook Cheong to be awarded one of five Ho-Am Foundation prizes this year
  • Sang-Wook Cheong was officially awarded the Donald H. Jacobs Chair in Applied Physics
  • Namjung Hur, a student of Prof. Sang-Wook Cheong, was chosen to to receive a GMAG Outstanding Dissertation in Magnetism awards