Faculty Profile

Research Overview:

I am interested in studying and understanding the structure of heavy atomic nuclei (mass 80), and in particular, nuclei with many more neutrons than stable isotopes. Theoretical models predict that the shell structure that characterizes stable nuclei may be quenched in very neutron-rich nuclei. Some of these neutron-rich nuclei also lie along the path that limits the rapid neutron capture process of nucleosynthesis. The studies of the properties of unstable nuclei are performed at radioactive and stable beam accelerator facilities in North America. The current focus is on determining the single-neutron excitations of neutron-rich N=50 and N=82 nuclei, and probing the shell structure far from stability.

Earlier work involved studying highly elongated, superdeformed, excitations in heavy nuclei, the properties of nuclei near the proton drip line, and the role of dynamical symmetries and supersymmetries in understanding collective excitations in nuclei.