Faculty Profile

Saurabh W. Jha
Member of the Graduate Faculty
Group: Astrophysics
Phone: 848-445-8962
Office: W315
Email: saurabh@physics.rutgers.edu




News Item(s):
  • Sang-Wook Cheong and Saurabh Jha are included among 2018 Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) list of highly-cited researchers
  • Saurabh Jha and Mike Gentile have received SAS Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Educations at the Full Professor and Assistant Teaching Professor ranks, respectively
  • Prof. Saurabh Jha appears on NJTV to explain the mission of NASAs recently launched Transiting Exoplanet Surveying Satellite (TESS)
  • Saurabh Jha promoted to Professor 1
  • Sang-Wook Cheong and Saurabh Jha have been listed by Thomson Reuters as among the Highly Cited Researchers of 2016
  • Saurabh Jha used data from Rutgers' share of of the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) to help identify the most luminous supernova ever discovered
  • Saurabh Jha has been listed by Thomson Reuters as among the Highly Cited Researchers of 2015
  • The High-Z Supernova Search Team, of which Saurabh Jha is a member, is one of two collaborations sharing the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
  • A team of astronomers, including Rutgers graduate student Curtis McCully (lead author) and Professor Saurabh Jha, used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to find a companion star to a white dwarf which later exploded in a supernova
  • Rutgers astrophysics professor Saurabh Jha and graduate students Curtis McCully and Brandon Patel are on the CLASH (Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble) team that has announced the discovery of gravitationally lensed Type Ia supernovae
  • Rutgers professor Saurabh Jha was a graduate student on a team led by today's Nobel Prize in Physics winner Brian Schmidt
  • Professor Saurabh Jha won the 2010-2011 Bart J. Bok prize from the Harvard Department of Astronomy
  • Rutgers Physics and Astronomy Assistant Professor Saurabh Jha has been selected to receive an NSF CAREER award
  • Incoming junior faculty, Saurabh Jha, is a member of the supernova team that was awarded this year's Gruber Prize in Cosmology