Staff Profile

David Maiullo
Laboratory Support Specialist
Group: Instruction support and development,Physics and astronomy education research
Phone: 848-445-9081
Office: Lect. Hall


News Item(s):
  • "That Physics Show" featuring our very own Dave Maiullo performing on Broadway, received a very nice write-up in the New York Times
  • Dave Maiullo brings his own brand of physics and fun to the off-Broadway scene, opening on November 4 at the Playroom Theater. Shows run through January 2, 2016
  • David Maiullo has been named an inaugural Fellow of the American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Physics Department support specialist David Maiullo has brought his entertaining and informative demonstations to a Weather Channel show
  • Dave Maiullo and his travelling Physics show is the topic of a Rutgers News article
  • Dave Maiullo has appeared on Dark Matters (Science Channel)
  • David Maiullo was recently featured on the Rutgers radio station "The Core"
  • Physics support specialist David Maiullo is featured in Rutgers Magazine
  • The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) has selected David Maiullo as the recipient of a Distinguished Service Citation
  • David Maiullo demonstrates standing waves in NY Times article
  • Dave Maiullo to be awarded the NJAAPT Lifetime Contribution to Physics Education Award
  • Physics Support Specialist David Maiullo receives 2005 Excellence in Service Award
  • Congratulations to Dave Maiullo upon winning a 2017-2018 Individual SAS Staff Excellence Recognition Award!