Welcome to the Rutgers Department of Physics and Astronomy. Our research and education missions cover a vast extent. With our research we aim to advance knowledge about the physical world through measurement, observation, simulation, and theory. Our teaching mission is designed for the needs of non-science majors, engineering or medical students, majors planning on a career in research or indeed any student interested in how the world works! All members of the department are committed to making ours a welcoming, respectful community free from discrimination and harassment.

Statement against Discrimination and Harassment

Prof Jack Hughes (Dept Chair)Researchers in the department study the Big Bang, stars, and galaxies, probe the Standard Model of particle physics, theorize about the nature of spacetime, dark matter and dark energy, work to discover the next advance in new condensed matter materials and quantum computing. Some of us ponder how atomic nuclei are held together, how proteins bend, and how cell walls grow. There is something for everyone: from the Universe at large to the physics of living matter, from the fundamental forces and subatomic particles that underly the most successful theory in history to the design, creation, and measurement of new quantum materials. We work to engage undergraduate and graduate students in the excitement of research through internships in our laboratories and research groups. We also take great pride in our classroom teaching, whether it is introducing non-science majors to the wonders of the Universe, providing engineering or medical students with solid foundation knowledge in physical science or preparing our majors for a career in research. Peruse our website and feel free to drop by. Begin pursuing new adventures in your life!