Other Facilities & Resources

Electronics Shop


eshop2bThe Electronics Shop group can design, develop, construct, and test large quantities of various analog/digital instrumentation to stringent specifications. Nanovolts to kilovolts and millihertz to a gigahertz are the ranges covered. Over 300 pieces of quality commercial electronic test equipment ( mostly Hewlett Packard and Tektronix, some Wavetek, Keithley, and Fluke ) is available for loan to internal research groups. Commercial electronic test equipment is repaired inexpensively.


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Machine Shop

mscprint1Our Machine shop serves both the physics and chemistry departments and has a complete set of state of the art machine tools. Our foreman, Paul Pickard, and Assistant Instrument Maker, Cole Woloszyn, provide highly skilled machine shop support to our department's research and teaching activities.



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Communication & Outreach

A sampling of our activities:

  • Amit Lath and Eugenia Etkina run the Physics Education Summer Training Program for teachers of high-school, Honors, and AP physics. The program was designed in collaboration between the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For more information about the program, visit https://www.teachphysics.com


  • quark0Steve Schnetzer, Yuri Gershtein, Eva Halkiadakis, and Amit Lath run and maintain the very active and productive Rutgers QuarkNet Center. The group has distributed cosmic ray detector kits supplied by QuarkNet to high school physics teachers throughout New Jersey. Now for the 10th year, the group is hosting the Quarknet-supported Summer Research Program for High School Students. Rutgers Quarknet website




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