• Srivatsan Chakram
  • Assistant Professor
  • Member of the Graduate Faculty
  • Group: Condensed matter experiment,Quantum Science Masters Program
  • Phone: 848-445-8978
  • Office: W120
  • Homepage: Visit Website


Research Overview:

My group's research is at the intersection of quantum information science, quantum optics, and condensed matter physics. We build devices that combine superconducting circuits and microwave cavities with extremely low losses and explore their quantum properties at millikelvin temperatures. Our microwave cavities are typically multimodal, possessing tens of modes with photon lifetimes of a few milliseconds and form multimode cavity QED systems with extremely high cooperativities when combined with superconducting circuits. We develop new quantum processors and memories and explore schemes for quantum control, and quantum error correction in these systems. These systems are also promising for exploring a new regime of many-body quantum optics and allow for the prospect of building exotic quantum materials using microwave light.

Google Scholar Page: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=JMSOam4AAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao