Faculty Profile

Girsh Blumberg
Distinguished Professor
Member of the Graduate Faculty
Group: Condensed matter experiment
Phone: 848-445-8744
Office: W111
Email: girsh@physics.rutgers.edu
Homepage: http://girsh.rutgers.edu

Research Overview:

Multipolar interactions and related ordering phenomena have attracted great interest. Multipoles are related to exotic phases including possible multipole-fluctuation induced superconductivity and hidden-order phase. For a systematic investigation of the collective behaviors of multipole moments, f-electron systems are suitable choices since the interplay of spin and orbital degrees of freedom of f-electrons facilitates multipole formation.

In this work, we report Raman-scattering results of YbRu2Ge2 single crystals. This heavy-fermion metal has been suggested to enter a ferroquadrupolar (FQ) phase below T0=10K. We determined the crystal-field (CF) level scheme of Yb3+ ground multiplet in YbRu2Ge2. Importantly, the lowest-energy CF transition couples to the quadrupolar fluctuations above T0. From symmetry analysis, we further suggest that the FQ order has B1g symmetry.

Our study demonstrates the ability of Raman-scattering technique to probe the symmetry of dynamical fluctuations above unusual electronic phase transitions. Moreover, determination of the CF level scheme, and identification of the symmetry of the FQ order of YbRu2Ge2 will not only serve as basis for future study of this model system, but also inspire more interest in multipole-related phenomena.

News Item(s):
  • Bob Bartynski and Girsh Blumberg promoted to the rank of Distinguished Professors
  • Girsh Blumberg and Scott Thomas have been elected 2018 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Graduate student Sean Kung in the research group of Professor Girsh Blumberg, along with collaborators, have discovered a new collective spin mode on the surface of Topological Insulator
  • Brian Dennis, Girsh Blumberg (Rutgers) and the department alumnus Vladimir Aksyuk (NIST), working with collaborators at ANL and U Colorado-Springs, report a technology that could result in optical switches with sub-square-micron footprints
  • Graduate students Sean Kung and Weilu Zhang, postdoc Verner Thorsmolle, and Profs. Girsh Blumberg and Kristian Haule, working with collaborators in Los Alamos and Leiden University, have made a major step towards solving the 30-years old puzzle of so call