Research Overview:

I am a researcher involved in a new interdisciplinary initiative on quantitative biology at Rutgers University. I hold a joint appointment at the department of Physics and Astronomy as well as at the recently formed BioMaPS Institute. Before I joined Rutgers, I was in the Theoretical Physics Group at the Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill. My research interest spanned condensed matter theory, communication systems and biological networks.

I am currently interested in a "multi-scale" integrative study of the design of bio-molecular networks. In particular, I have been working on the consequences of relatively non-specific biomolecular interactions from the perspectives of biophysics, bioinformatics, systems biology and evolutionary theory. One specific question that we studied is the variability of binding sites of high pleiotropy transcription factors. Jointly with Boris Shraiman, I have also set up a wet lab that explores these questions experimentally. Viji Nagaraj has been doing experiments on DNA-protein interactions in E. Coli in the lab.