Wireless Access for Laptops


Wireless access is available throughout most of the Physics Department using the Physics LAWN wireless access system.

To use this system, your web browser must have javascript enabled and accept cookies.

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Wired Access for Computers

There are two options for connecting a computer to the network in the Physics Department -- wireless and wired. Setting up a wireless connection is described here. Wireless is most useful for occasional use by a portable computer. A wired connection is required for most desktop systems, and can also be used for portable computers that are frequently used in the Physics Department. Wired connections are more reliable, and will provide at least 10 times the throughput of a wireless connection.

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Connecting from Home/Across Platforms

Connecting to the Linux environments is possible via ssh or any ssh-based client. Please note that non-ssh-based clients (like 'telnet') are not supported.

The ssh client comes standard on Linux and Mac OS systems. The recommended ssh-based client for Windows is PuTTY. PuTTY can be downloaded via the PuTTY download page:

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