Essential Applications

Departmental Email Lists


We maintain a number of email lists that may be used to send email to various categories of people in the Department, or to the entire Department. These email lists are built from information in a database that is also used to maintain the online Departmental Directory. Email can be sent to a list by sending to "". The available listname's will be described below.


Click here for detailed information for all lists

Click on the above link for a complete list of the available email lists, including the members of each list. (Access is restricted to members of the Physics Department, and login with Rutgers NetID and password is required.)

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To report problems with printers, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are a number of printers available for public use in the Physics Department via the local area network. These are accessed via queues on our central print server system via the LPD protocol. The network name of the print server is The available printers are summarized in the following table:

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Departmental Software and Information

The Physics Department has several homemade applications and homemaintained databases which are useful to its members. Some of these are available on the web wwwicon, some on the Departmental Suns mysunicon, some on the Departmental Linux machines penguinchecked, some as software you can load onto your Unix machines unixicon, and currently none are software for your Windows machines windowsicon, though that might change.

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