The Linux environment in the Physics Department consists mainly of three separate Linux 'clusters' used by grad students, postdocs and faculty.

The 'omorika' machines are found mainly in the ARC building and are used by grad students
(five omorika machines are located in the ARC terminal room for general use).
The 'fermion' machines are found on the 2nd floor of the Serin building and are used by CM grad students.
The 'strings' machines are found on the third floor of the Serin building, and are used by postdocs and faculty.

Linux machines run Fedora Core 6, with software updates run nightly.

Users can access a Linux environment as follows:

  • Locally on a Linux machine
  • Remotely to '{Linux_machine_name}' via 'ssh' or an ssh-based client

In both cases, login is via the Physics email account and password.


Upon logging in locally on a Linux machine, the user is presented with an X-Windows graphical environment.

Upon logging in remotely via 'ssh' or an ssh-based client (such as 'PuTTY'), the user sees a Unix terminal window with the user's home directory NFS-mounted. Please see our Remote Connectivity page for detail on ssh-based clients.

Upon login either locally or remotely, the users' home directory resides locally on the Linux machine, in /home/{username}.
In addition, the user's Sun home directory is NFS-mounted onto the Linux machine, in /import/thoth/hN/{username}, where hN is either h1, h2, h3 or h4.


Software available on Linux machines includes Firefox, Mathematica and Adobe Reader.
See our Software Packages webpage for more information.

For information re E-mail, please see our E-mail webpage.

For information re printing, please see our Printing webpage.