We maintain a number of email lists that may be used to send email to various categories of people in the Department, or to the entire Department. These email lists are built from information in a database that is also used to maintain the online Departmental Directory. Email can be sent to a list by sending to "". The available listname's will be described below.


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Click on the above link for a complete list of the available email lists, including the members of each list. (Access is restricted to members of the Physics Department, and login with Rutgers NetID and password is required.)


Database description

There are three descriptors in the database for every entry: position, position_detail, and group. These are intended to provide a full specification of everyone's place in the Department.

The following are valid for the position descriptor: faculty, staff, grad student, postdoc, research associate, visitor, associated faculty, assoc, other, undergrad, and adjunct.

The following are valid for the position_detail descriptor: chair, univ prof, prof 2, prof 1, assoc prof, assist prof, prof 2 ntt, prof 1 ntt, assoc prof ntt, assist prof ntt, emeritusvoting, emeritusnonvoting, research, tech, admin, busoff, shop, lib, stock, sec, busmgr, research faculty, graduate faculty, and "grad and undergrad faculty". Note, however, that there are restrictions on which position_detail descriptors can be used with each position descriptor.

Finally, the following are valid for the group descriptor:

  • ast: Astronomy, theoretical
  • asx: Astronomy, experimental
  • bio: Bio-Physics
  • cmt: Condensed Matter, theoretical
  • cmx: Condensed Matter, experimental
  • het: High Energy, theoretical
  • het2: High Energy, theoretical (NHETC)
  • hex: High Energy, experimental
  • ins: Instructional
  • npt: Nuclear Physics, theoretical
  • npx: Nuclear Physics, experimental
  • per: Physics Education research
  • ssx: Solid State, experimental


Group-based email lists

There is an email list for each group that is just that group's name. Hence, for example, cmx, cmt, het, etc. In addition, there are sub-lists for each group with names derived from the concatenation of the group name with the position descriptor. Hence, for example, cmtfaculty, cmtstaff, etc.


Position-based email list

There is an email list named for each position that is derived from the position name. Hence, faculty, staff, gs, pd, etc. For many of the possible positions, there are also sub-lists derived from the concatenation of the position value with the position_detail value. Hence, for example, facultyprof1, facultyprof2, staffresearch, etc.


Other email lists

There are also lists for unions of other lists. For example, serinpeople combines everyone in the following lists: faculty, staff, postdocs, gradstudents, associatedfaculty, visitors, and adjuncts. Also, tenurefac, which combines prof 2, prof 1, and assoc prof, but not prof 1 untenured nor assoc prof untenured.

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