Faculty Profile

Weida Wu
Member of the Graduate Faculty
Group: Condensed matter experiment
Phone: 848-445-8751, 848-445-8759 lab
Office: W117, W132 lab
Email: wdwu@physics.rutgers.edu
Homepage: http://www.physics.rutgers.edu/~wdwu/

Research Overview:

The research activities in our group focus on topological phenomena in correlated quantum materials. The current research interests include: topological insulators and related materials, quantum anomalous Hall effect, topological Hall effect, magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics (where magnetism and ferroelectricity coexist) and magnetoelectrics, strain-induced magnetism and multiferroicity, etc. We endeavor to develop new experimental techniques (e.g. MeFM) and tools to explore emergent phenomena in novel materials at nanometer/atomic scale. The unique instrumentation in our SPM lab allows us to carry out cutting-edge research at the forefront of material science, especially in novel magnetic materials We use low temperature-scanning probe microscopy (LT-SPM), such as magnetic force microscopy (MFM), magnetoelectric force microscopy (MeFM) and scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS) to investigate these nanoscale phenomena, and how they evolve as experimental parameters (temperature, magnetic field, stress and etc.) vary. Interested graduate students and postdoc candidates are encouraged to contact me.

News Item(s):
  • Graduate student Wenbo Wang in Professor Weida Wu's group together with collaborators in China present direct evidence of robust ferromagnetism in a quantum anomalous Hall system
  • Weida Wu (PI) , along with co-PI's Sean Oh, Peter Armitage [Johns-Hopkins], and Shengbai Zhang [RPI], have received a $2M NSF Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) Award
  • Yanan Geng, former Ph.D. student of Prof. Weida Wu, named a winner of The Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad
  • Professor Weida Wu has won a DOE Early Career Award
  • Weida Wu, Rutgers Physics Department Assistant Professor, has been awarded an NSF CAREER award for his proposal: "CAREER: Nanoscale Magnetic Phenomena and Coercivity Mechanism in Layered Magnets with Extremely Large Anisortopy"
  • Board of Governors approved the promotions of Alyson Brooks, Weida Wu, and Kristjan Haule