Faculty Profile

David Vanderbilt
Distinguished Professor
Board of Governors Professor
Member of the Graduate Faculty
Group: Condensed matter theory
Phone: 848-445-9049
Office: E291
Email: dhv@physics.rutgers.edu
Homepage: http://www.physics.rutgers.edu/~dhv/



Research Overview:

In recent decades, first-principles methods of computational electronic-structure theory have provided extremely powerful tools for predicting the electronic and structural properties of materials, using only the atomic numbers of the atoms and some initial guesses at their coordinates as input. My principal interests are in applying such methods to study the dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, and magnetoelectric properties of oxides. These may be simple bulk materials, or they may be superlattices or other nanostructured composites in which surface and interface effects are important. I also have an abiding interest in the development of new theoretical approaches and computational algorithms that can extend the reach and power of these first-principles methods. In particular, our group has made contributions to pseudopotential theory, the theory of electric polarization, the study of insulators in finite electric fields, the theory of Wannier functions and their applications, and the role of Berry phases and Berry curvatures in dielectric and magnetoelectric phenomena.

News Item(s):
  • Piers Coleman and David Vanderbilt were among 17 individuals named Simons Fellows Awardees in Theoretical Physics
  • Eva Andrei, Karin Rabe, David Vanderbilt, and Juan Maldecena, a former post-doc in NHETC, have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences
  • Eva Andrei and David Vanderbilt have been recognized as outstanding referees
  • Physics professor Claud Lovelace ranked 14th according to their system in 1973 and professor David Vanderbilt ranked 13th in 2004
  • David Vanderbilt was appointed Board of Governors Professor at the Board of Governors meeting on December 12, 2008 in Winants Hall
  • Professor David Vanderbilt is the winner of the 2006 Aneesur Rahman Prize in Computational Physics, one of the major prizes of the American Physical Society
  • David Vanderbilt has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • The NSF has funded a major proposal submitted by Gabi Kotliar, David Vanderbilt, Karin Rabe, and Christian Uebing