vdebattista rfadely nsehgal csharon
Victor Debattista
Ph.D. 1998
Professor of Astrophysics
University of Central Lancashire
Ross Fadely
Ph.D. 2010
Artificial Intelligence Lead
Insight Data Science
Neelima Sehgal
Ph.D. 2008
Associate Professor
Stony Brook University
Chelsea Sharon
Ph.D. 2013
Assistant Professor
Yale-NUS College


A complete listing of all of our group's recent graduate students is available here. Honors won by our graduate students while at Rutgers include the following:

Dissertation Award, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, & Engineering
Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools

  • 1995 Karl Gebhardt

American Fellowship
American Association of University Women

Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowship
ACM Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing

Blue Waters Graduate Fellowship
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award
American Astronomical Society

University & Louis Bevier Dissertation Fellowship
Rutgers University

  • 2007 Neelima Sehgal

Graduate School Award for Excellence in Research
Rutgers University

  • 2003 Cara Rakowski
  • 2013 Robert Lindner

Fellowship for Excellence in Computation and Data Science
Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute

Richard J. Plano Dissertation Prize
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University

  • 2004 Cara Rakowski
  • 2006 Juntai Shen

Robert A. Schommer Prize (for outstanding research in astrophysics)
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University

Richard J. Plano Oustanding Teaching Assistant Award
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University

  • 2003 Jessica Warren
  • 2005 Ross Fadely
  • 2005 Naseem Rangwala
  • 2008 Ross Fadely
  • 2010 Curtis McCully
  • 2010 Chelsea Sharon
  • 2013 Ryan Brennan
  • 2014 Sheehan Ahmed
  • 2014 Jesse Rivera
  • 2014 Jonathan Sloane
  • 2015 Sean Brennan
  • 2015 Carl Mitchell

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