2022 News

A major new W. M. Keck Foundation award to Sang Cheong (PI), Valery Kiryukhin, Sanghyuk Lee, and Andrei Sirenk (NJIT)

Dec 14, 2022

On December 13, the Board of Directors of the W. M. Keck Foundation wrote to President Holloway announcing a major new award to Sang Cheong, Valery Kiryukhin, Sanghyuk Lee, and Andrei Sirenk (NJIT) for their project titled Vortex Beams on Topological Quantum Magnetism.

This is the first such Keck award to Rutgers in 25 years!

Please join us in offering congratulations to Sang and his colleagues.


Diane Salim receives a 2023 Quad Fellowship

Dec 22, 2022

Astrophysics graduate student, Diane Salim, has been selected as a 2023 Quad Fellow to study in the US.  Diane is one of only 100 graduate students in STEM selected for this award from among the four quad countries: US, India, Japan, and Australia.  She joins the inaugural cohort of Fellows.

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Kristy McQuinn's work on JWST highlighted on NASA blog site

Nov 11, 2022

Kristy McQuinn's work on JWST was highlighted on the NASA blog site, which was then picked up by CNN.

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Gabi Kotliar awarded a 2022 Eugene Feenberg Memorial Medal

Oct 11, 2022

Gabi Kotliar has been awarded the 2022 Eugene Feenberg Memorial Medal, jointly with Antoine Georges and Dieter Vollhardt.

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Eva Andrei receives APS's 2023 Mildred Dresselhaus Prize

Oct 11, 2022

Eva Andrei has been selected to receive the American Physical Society’s 2023 Mildred Dresselhaus Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomaterials.

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Graduate student Wenbo Ge in Prof. Wu's group, along with collaborators, has discovered surface spin-flip transition in an antiferromagnetic topological insulator

Sept 2, 2022

In collaboration with Prof. Vanderbilt's group and Dr. Yan from ORNL, graduate student Wenbo Ge in the research group of Professor Weida Wu directly visualized the long-sought surface spin-flip transition in natural superlattice antiferromagnet MnBi4Te7, one of the antiferromagnetic topological insulators.

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Kristen McQuinn was granted early access to data from the world’s most powerful telescope

July 19, 2022

Professor Kristen McQuinn has been awarded observing time on JWST.

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A Graduate Makes the Grade with Insightful Poetry and Rigorous Physics Research

July 11, 2022

Our Henry Rutgers Scholar, Nicole Falcone, who graduated in 2022, was recognized in an article in SAS News.  The Henry Rutgers Scholar award is one of the highest academic honors a Rutgers undergraduate can receive.  Nicole received a Henry Rutgers Award for a research paper in particle physics, and another Henry Rutgers Award for a collection of her original poems.

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Geraldine Cochran receives Chancellor-Provost Award for Excellence in STEM Diversity

May 6, 2022

Geraldine Cochran had received the 2022 Chancellor-Provost Award for Excellence in STEM Diversity.

Please join us in congratulating Geraldine on receiving this well-deserved recognition.

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Dave Maiullo's preparations for Rutgers Day Demo show discussed in local news story

Apr 27, 2022 

An article about Dave Maiullo and his efforts for putting on his Demonstration show on Rutgers Day, appeared on the Apr 27, 2022 PrincetonInfo.com website.  The story goes into a little history about how the show began, and the shows Dave has been presenting in previous years.  

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Eesh Gupta and Andrew Schwartz awarded Goldwater Scholarships

Apr 7, 2022

We are pleased to announce that for the 13th year in a row (and in 15 of the last 17 years) a Physics & Astronomy major
has been awarded a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. In fact this year there were two winners from our department!

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